Facts for the Republic of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is situated in Central America and is the biggest nation in the area. It crosses from coast to coast, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. It is bounded on the north by Costa Rica and on the south by the Honduras. A nation that is scattered with volcanoes and lakes, Nicaragua is home to one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the world -- Lake Nicaragua.

Numerous volcanoes in the nation are still active. One of these, Concepcion, sits right alongside Lake Nicaragua. If you climb the volcano, you can overlook and see the settlement of Granada, the original colonial village of the Spanish when they arrived on these coastlines. Another big volcano, Momotombo, lies in the same way on the other big lake in the nation, Lake Managua, and looks down over the community of Managua, the country's capitol city. Leon, the ancient sister community to Granada, is able to be spotted at the summit of this volcano.

Although Nicaragua is now a nonviolent, unobtrusive democracy, it has remained troubled with violence and uprising in the past. The most present violence happened when the Sandinista army overthrew the existing ruler of the nation in the late 1970's, opening up the nation to elections and democracy. Several in the present generation remember the films and pictures of the revolt as it progressed. The nation is currently ruled by a president and a congress.

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