Interesting Texas Landmarks

Texas is a big place with lots of sights, and the folks are friendly, especially in one of the most splendid areas, Hill Country. A visit to Hill country means some of the greatest landscapes and the friendliest towns with activities until your hearts content. Hill Country is a large area of central Texas with hills, caves, and streams, and provides a culturally rich experience because of its closeness to Mexico.

Take time to check out Enchanted Rock, a large pink granite stone shaped like a dome. It has a rich history passed down from the Native Americas and is known for odd noises and eerie “ghost fires”. In the spring, many types of wildflowers and bluebonnets are in full effect, making even the shortest drive a serene experience for the eyes. The Cherry Spring Dancehall is a bit north of Fredericksburg and has had such legends grace the stage, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Patsy Cline, many greats that helped shape the way for country music.

Don’t forget to go on the hiking trails around the Hill Country area. Some of the best areas are Cedar Breaks Park near Lake Georgetown. You can get some great views of the lake and there are many trails that will offer plenty to do for a weekend vacation. If you want some simpler trails stay to the north side of the park, where trails are mostly dirt roads and not so tough terrain.

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