Destination: Austin, Texas

Austin Texas has one of the fastest development rates out of any city in the United States thanks to technology and a community who believes in the power of small business. Many people come to Austin to live because it's a wonderful place to start your family.

While there you might want to visit Barton Springs Pool, one of the elite destinations for locals when it comes to swimming and tanning. It is very scenic with grassy hills and plenty of trees. While there you can see people doing many different activities from playing Frisbee, to taking a dip in the 68° spring pool. The pool remains 68° for the whole year, and you can see people swimming, even during the winter months. While in Austin check out Zilker Park, a very popular vacation destination that is open year-round and consists of over 350 acres, which features a lake, and offers a great variety of trails and views of the city. There is a music festival that happens every fall and this Zilker Hillside Theater boasts well-regarded musicians and entertainers. If you prefer to hike, fish, and camp, check out McKinney State Park. It contains a pool located beneath the falls, and this pool runs throughout the park making it a tranquil vacation getaway.

You'll be amazed at the many different types of animals you see that call the park their home. Even if you're not vacationing on a big budget there is always something to do in Austin. Many of the restaurants offer great cheap meal deals. You can also find great entertainment for both the children and adults, and if you're looking for free entertainment it will not be hard to find.

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