Austin, Texas: May Festival Season

Although Austin, Texas is excellent to visit any time of year, the month of May holds many additional exclusive events that you need to check out if you get the chance. These festivals continue to develop in size and popularity each year. No matter if you enjoy art, wine, or just a festive atmosphere in general, make travel plans to be in Austin during the month.

The Pecan Street Festival has grown over the years and has now become the biggest art festival in the metropolis. Over 300,000 guests stroll the streets of Austin in the course of this festival, viewing neighborhood and renowned artists produce and display their works. Apart from the cubicles of artists, there are also food booths, games, and entertainment for the entire family. Include Austin's large number of outstanding eating places to the local mix, and you swiftly see why this two-day festival attracts this kind of a group.

Each Memorial Day holiday, the metropolis hosts the Austin Wine Festival. This three-day festival is a possibility for several local wineries to display their unique goods and be uncovered to the community. Although this festival has only been happening for a couple of years, its upscale ambiance and distributors serving gourmet delights are making it a large draw amongst wine enthusiasts, not only locally, but state-wide.

The most impressive Hispanic festival in central Texas takes place Memorial Day weekend close to Austin also. The Fiesta Amistad takes place at Old Settlers' Association a couple of minutes north of town. The event is family-oriented, with events, music, food, car shows, and plenty of kids games to keep the entire family happy. The assortment of things to see and do, as well as a peek into the Hispanic neighborhood and its customs make it really worth a visit.

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