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For the over-21 crowd, Dallas contains a huge variety of options when the sun goes down. Whether you're into hanging out with friends, or getting dressed up for a night on the town, there's so much to do. Ask yourself, "What is there to see in this town?" and Dallas has an answer for you.

If you like the dance scene, check out Kismet Lounge and The Slip Inn. Unique in their offerings, each is a popular destination and always packed with the fashionable. The Slip Inn offers a edgy and a more lively atmosphere than the Kismet, which promotes itself as laid back and cool. Either way, they're great clubs.

Don't like to dance? Would you just rather sit back and let someone entertain you? Then enjoy one of the many jazz or blues clubs in town. Like the dance clubs, every place has its own feel and décor. But again, to get the real flavor and atmosphere of the genre, check out The Goat and Pearl. The Goat doesn't try to be anything to anyone except a good local bar with great regulars and even better live bands. Pearl, on the other hand, is just an all-around fun bar to be at, with live music and a very laid-back attitude.

Then there's pool. Plenty of pool halls still dot the town in downtown Dallas. They're a staple of the Texas nighttime crowd. If you get the opportunity, check out Sharky's. It's an out-of-the-way place that feels like a pool hall should feel - edgy. On the flip side is the Billiard Den, a newer facility will wall-to-wall tables and inexpensive beer. If you're not going to shoot pool, don't bother going to the Billiard Den. You won't find a variety of activities there. But it's a great place to be if pool is your thing.

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