Awesome Surf: Nicaragua Travel Guide

The best surfing in the Western hemisphere is in the Pacific Ocean. In addition plenty of places in the U.S. claim to have the best waves. Save your decision until you've been to Nicaragua and surfed its shores. Not only will you find some of the finest waves on the Pacific here, you'll also get to enjoy the remarkable scenery that goes with them. Plenty of places that claim to have great surfing turn out to have a lot of people and only a few waves to accommodate them all. Not the case in Nicaragua.

Wave action is available for all levels of surfers, from beginner to pro. Marsella is a beach with huge waves and unlimited action. You can surf all day there if you are in good condition. The beach and waves are very popular with vacationers and locals as well. This is not an isolated beach, but there are plenty of waves for all surfers who wish to partake, and the water never feels crowded even in the peak months.

One of the best beaches for huge waves is Playa Maderas. Not only are the waves large, they remain consistent, which is an excellent thing to offer a surfer. The wave action is superb all year long. Many veteran surfers who have been all over the world prefer this area to almost any other they've visited because of its consistent large wave action.

The location of Nicaragua is what makes the wave action so thrilling and so consistent. It's located at a spot in Central America where it gets waves from the Northwest and the Southwest simultaneously. This means that wave after wave rolls in, alternating directions, providing nonstop wave generation. Unlike many beaches where you have to paddle out and wait, these beaches offer waves the second you're ready, which means that a lot more surfing is available in the same period of time as most other places. Grab your board and head to Nicaragua.

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