Comparing Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Several individuals claim that Nicaragua these days is what Costa Rica looked like 30 years ago. Underdeveloped infrastructure and not very many traveler amenities, but without the large masses either. Also, Nicaraguans are not tired of seeing tourists so far, and even welcome them sincerely.

Comparatively, cities like Ometepe, Nicaragua are more like what Costa Rica looked like 70 years back. There are few up-to-date comforts such as cars or appliances, clothes are still washed in the river, and horses and buggies are the usual style of transportation. On the other hand, Ometepe also has the aura of a make-believe world — a fantasy land — where towering mountains and green plant life still dominate the scenery.

The northern mountains, consisting of three isolated mountain chains, conceal quite a few remarkable temptations and backdrop, like concealed waterfalls and churches. Rio Coco starts from this area and flows down to the Caribbean. Towns and villages in the Nicaraguan mountains are ancient, built long before the Spanish conquest into the nation. Countless of the ancient settlements still retain their original names, and stand side-by-side with the adobe garrisons the Spanish built at the time they arrived. These mountains produce a lot of the finest coffee beans and tobacco in the world.

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