Dallas - The Cultured Pearl of the South

If you're in Dallas and are looking for something to do, flip a coin. Make sure that coin has at least six sides, because the possibilities are limitless in the 'Big D'. It's not a choice between one or two things to do or see, it's a choice of hundreds. Pick your best choice, and head out.

Regardless of your passion, as a resident or tourist, the city can meet your needs. Looking for delicious dining? Dallas has some of the most famous restaurants in the world at one end of the spectrum, to a host of local one-of-a-kind establishments that boast the best in barbeque and Tex-Mex. You won't go wanting more.

If you enjoy architecture, just look up and around. The Dallas area has been through a reformation recently and contains some of the best modern architecture in the United States; perhaps even the world. For fans of the cultural arts, Dallas has amazing museums and art centers, as well as a renowned symphony orchestra and opera house. If you enjoy outdoor activities, but wish to stay close to town, head out almost anywhere in the city. There's a huge array of choices for any fan of fitness.

Don't think too much about what to do, just go do it. Enjoy all that Dallas has to offer. Better yet, pick something you've never seen or done before and go enjoy that. It may turn out to be the best "something-to-do" that you've ever done.

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