Cheap Peruvian Travel - An Amazon Jungle Getaway

If you’ve always wanted to see the Amazon jungle, or you’re going to Peru on vacation and want to include it as part of your trip, stay at Puerto Maldonado. This town is located along the Madre de Dios River in the southeastern part of Peru, and is a great gateway into the jungle. The area is the site of three nature preserves, and provides an excellent entry point into the jungle basin.

Puerto Maldonado was constructed around blue-collar workers in the mining and logging industries. It has since become a focus center for ecological system study, and now appeals to tourists as well to its “eco-culture.” Nature-enhanced lodges are built along the perimeter of the nature reserves and are the main attraction to the location for tourists.

When you arrive at the town to start your jungle adventure, a van will carry you to the river, and then a boat will carry you to your eco-lodge in the jungle. If you’re planning on staying in the town for part or all of your jungle trip, make sure to see Monkey Island, home to hundreds of monkeys. Also visit the Plaza de Armas, city market, and El Jaguar Zoo (complete with its own dance club).

Down the river is the Taricaya Research Center. This site is home to the highest canopy walkways on the continent. The center also runs an active rescue program. By purchasing the right travel package, you can stay in your eco-lodge, and get in on an organized jungle tour to see the basin come to life in the morning and at night. Many of these packages also include a tour of Taricaya, all at very reasonable prices.

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