Texas Duck Hunter Resource

One of the most popular sports in central Texas is duck hunting. Texas is the home to a large array of wildlife, and desolate areas containing water are perfect for duck hunting. The most popular hunting is for the Mallard duck, you will find many of these in the Central Texas area. Toward the south you can search for redhead, Pintail, and puddle ducks.

You need to be availed of hunting regulations before you decide to go out shooting. You cannot just go out and kill a duck whenever you get the urge. Ducks are highly regulated by the Texas Parks and wildlife organization. You're going to have to buy a hunting license in order to shoot duck. You'll want to obtain a bird stamp that costs around seven dollars to hunt any migratory game birds, this even includes a dove. Hunting also comes with a specific bag limit, which means that a hunter is only allowed to kill a certain amount of ducks in a certain period of time or season. If you wound an animal but do not kill it, it will still be deemed a dead animal and count against your bag limit.

Make sure when you go duck hunting you submit to all regulations for that area. The best choice to go duck hunting is to get a hunting package. You can find a used one or agencies, some that offer lodging and hunting on private lands. A hunting package will help you to comprehend the regulations and provide you with the information you need to receive your license and registration.

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