All About Dallas: Things to Know before You Visit

If you're considering a trip or vacation around Dallas, there are some points you ought to know prior to packing your bags. Understanding the history, style, and sights in the region will help you prepare for and take pleasure in your journey even more when you arrive. Think about these things prior to finalizing any plans to the region.

Dallas is the third largest city in Texas behind San Antonio and Houston, with a population of 1.3 million individuals. When thought of as a metropolitan area, it is commonly combined with its neighboring cities Fort Worth and Arlington to develop the Dallas–Fort Worth region. This merged region then becomes the fourth largest metro area in the country.

Dallas was founded in 1839 by a businessman searching for a perfect trading post area to serve travelers and native Indians. The total city was destroyed by fire in 1860, and it was reconstructed as an even larger town. The first railroads entered the city in 1873, and from that stage on Dallas has served as a commercial site for both industry and commerce. Twenty Fortune 500 companies now call Dallas home, and they have thrived with the telecommunications and technology advancements in the past decade.

Local weather can be a bit overwhelming to non-Texans. In the summer, average temperatures reach around 100 degrees, making it one of the hottest cities in the U.S. The climate is considered sub-tropical, even though humidity is generally not much of a problem here. Winters are mild, with typical temperatures around 40-60 degrees, making for very pleasant days. Like most southern U.S. cities, springtime is the best time of year to check out the Big D, when temperatures are average, humidity low and the trees, flowers and bushes are in full bloom.

There is a broad selection of things to do and places to see in Dallas area. The city is famous for its modern day architecture. Nearby Arlington is home of the football Cowboys and their expansive new stadium, also now a significant tourist attraction. The Museum of Art, Arboretum, Dallas Zoo, and Sixth Floor Museum — to honor the life of John F. Kennedy, the president assassinated in Dallas — are all main sights as well.

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