Fantastic Beaches and Awesome Food

Texas just isn’t about cowboys, there are acres of coastline and beautiful beaches to swim and sail on. Make sure you venture to the Padre Island National seashore, its unique beauty is one of a kind to anywhere in the world. The night life is exciting, and the heritage and culture surrounding the Texas area is rich and full of architectural wonders. If you want that small town feel check out Mansfield, where there is plenty to do like the big cities, but with a small town atmosphere.

Don’t forget the romance that Texas brings. With its beautiful landscapes and awesome sunsets, Texas is the perfect place to bring the one you adore for that romantic getaway.

If you want to enjoy some water fun make sure to check out Canyon Lake, near the river Guadalupe. This place has camping, trails, and great water recreation activities. Make sure you try all the food that is unique to Texas. The great BBQ and fine dining beats no other and most of it is at a price you can afford.

Make sure when you come to Texas you stop along the coast to enjoy the beautiful beaches and awesome sunsets. You will be sure to have a wonderful time no matter what type of activities you enjoy, in Texas there is something for everybody.

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