Fun in the Texas Sun

If you're tired of laying around the house or apartment, or tired of being cooped up in the office, get outside and soak up some Texas sun and Vitamin D. Whether you prefer a stroll around the park or an adventure that forces you to work for every step of the mountain you climb, it's all about you. Much of it is right outside the city area of Dallas.

The parks of Forth Worth are an excellent starting point. There are many sanctuaries from city-life in this town. Perhaps the best part of all is that several are within walking distance of each other, and an extensive set of city trails connects them all. You can run, take a seat, go swimming, another break and walk some more. The level of energy you put into it is limited only by the energy you have available.

For the more adventurous outdoorsy ones, or the family that wants to get away and play together, try Beaver's Bend Family Resort outside of Dallas. Hiking, guided tours, family crafts, nature walks, and picnics are some of the adventures available. Go off hiking the terrain on your own, or stick around the resort area for family-friendly activity.

Go out and get a little sun. But make sure to put on your sunblock, or you'll feel it in the morning.

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