Hiking Highlights of Peru

Of all of the chances of things to do in Peru, probably the most liked is trekking. Trekking vacations can be managed to be anywhere from one to ten days long, and there are a variety of trails and paths to walk. Planning your trip early and making the appropriate reservations on the trails you plan to hike will help make your stay a lot more enjoyable once you arrive.

The most popular trek in Peru, by far, is the Inca Trail. A four day hike on foot, this journey starts in Cusco and ends up at Machu Picchu, an ancient and mysterious fortress constructed high in the mountains over six hundred years ago. There are, however, many other lesser-known but none-the-less fantastic trails to hike for visitors of all ability and fitness levels. For southern routes, begin in Cusco, for northern trails, Huaraz. There are ancient ruins and fantastic vistas no matter which direction you head or which trail you hike.

There are some things to be acquainted of if you want to trek the Inca Trail. First, the trail is restricted to only 500 visitors a day, including guides and porters. That means the openings will fill up quickly. If you plan to go during the peak months of May through September, arrange your place at least six months in advance. During the off-season (also the rainy season), you will still need to schedule a spot three months prior. The trek will be fantastic no matter when you hike it, but anticipate a lot of rain, limited visibility, and wet clothes and sleep gear for an off-peak visit.

Make sure to book your adventure through a credible agency or travel bureau. You need to make sure that your safety is their number one priority. The affordable tour is not the best or safest. You can rent gear in many places around towns, so it’s not necessary to obtain your own. You do, however, require a good pair of broken-in hiking boots. Also, try and devote yourself a day or two in advance of your hike to acclimate yourself to the thinner air in the mountains.

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