Travelling Nicaragua - Geography Lessons

Nicaragua is located in Central America and is the largest country in the area. It is a very diverse country, both ethnically and environmentally, providing stimulating vacations. The terrain here varies from flatlands to rugged volcanic peaks and everything in between, including tropical rain forests and jungles. The two longest rivers in the area, the Rio Coco and the Rio San Juan, are also the northern and southern borders of Nicaragua with its adjoining states.

The country is sprinkled with lakes and volcanoes. The two biggest lakes are Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua, but there are also over a dozen other lakes conceived from the craters of extinct volcanoes. Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America.

The climate is sub-tropical, with temperatures lingering around 80 degrees in the summer months, and cooler in the mountains. The rainy season lasts the complete month of October. The climate is favorable to a extensive assortment of animals, from mammals to insects, including birds and fish of all types. Many biologists believe there are still living specimens here that have not yet been catalogued. The country has taken steps to maintain this diversity by setting up large preserve areas across the country.

Agriculture is still the backbone of Nicaraguan life. Coffee is a prevalent crop here, as are corn, bananas, and tobacco. Livestock is making a foothold in the Nicaraguan economy as well, with beef, poultry, and seafood topping the list of rising export commodities. Unfortunately, the upsurge in animal exports has also lead to wide-spread deforestation, which remains a dilemma to this day in the country. Need for the old-growth wood found in the forests here is also in high demand, and what land isn't being cleared for livestock is being cleared for lumber.

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