Retirement: Settling Down in Nicaragua

With the high cost of foods and fuel these days, many people thinking about retirement are being forced to think again. One of the options gaining favor among the retirement crowd is investing in land in Nicaragua. It may seem like a curious move at first, but with more analysis, it makes sense.

Nicaragua is not in a state of turmoil today as it was in the past. It has gone back to its serene, tranquil roots. Many folks are now realizing that property in this country is extremely affordable and easily available. With its diverse culture and topography, you can live the lifestyle you want, whether it's near a fishing village, on the beach, in a metropolitan area, or in the mountains.

Not only is land affordable in Nicaragua, but so is the cost of living. Food prices are amazingly low there. Fruits and vegetables, grown locally in the country, sell for a fraction of what it costs in the US for the same product. Meat and dairy goods are likewise less costly, selling for about half of what they cost elsewhere. According to the World Bank, the total cost of living in Nicaragua is around 30% of what it would cost to live in a city in the United States. That's hard to ignore.

The weather in Nicaragua is hard to beat also. Since the climate is primarily tropical, temperatures hover around 80 degrees, and there is usually a cool off-shore breeze blowing. Rain is moderate except for the month of October, during the growing season, when rains can become drenching. Those seeking a cooler and balmier climate can move up the mountains near the coffee plantations. This mountainous area in northern Nicaragua has moderate temperatures all year long, and is laden with greenery from the coffee fields.

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