A Vast Range of Adventure Awaits the Peru Traveler

Not many countries possess the opportunities for adventure, exploration, and intrigue like Peru. Whether you’re a history buff, curious about ancient wonders, or a nature lover just wanting to spend time in the tropical jungle, opportunities flow for all visitors. With its varying of terrain, visitors can find ancient Indian ruins, mystic sites, and exotic flora and fauna.

For historians and lovers of the ancient globe, some of the most unique places in the world are found in Peru. From the stone temple pyramids of Chavin to the fortress of Machu Picchu in Cusco, tourists can visit some of the most curious and wondrous structures ever contructed. For even more adventure, march the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and enter the Sun Gate along the way, another ancient wonder.

For lovers of nature and lush surroundings, Peru offers late Titicaca, a large lake over 2 miles above sea level that can still be navigated by large boats. Manu Park, a half-day bus ride from Cusco, is perhaps the most diverse ecosystem in the world, boasting over 850 species of birds, many nearly-extinct animals, and thousands of various types of trees and plants. A different encounter awaits visitors at the Peruvian Sand, an expanse of sand dunes seemingly out of place in such a lush country.

If you’re an adventurer or physical fitness lover, grab a surf board and surf your way down those same Peruvian Sand Dunes, then hitch a ride and head back to the top to do it again. For more relaxing adventures, there are many trails and pathways within the country that allow visitors to travel at their own pace and enjoy all of the beauty and majesty Peru has to offer. Or for something in between, many tour companies offer biking trips across regions of the country, from the deep jungle to the arid plains, and everywhere in between.

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