Making Arrangements for Your Peru Trip

A excursion to Peru can be the retreat of a lifetime. But before booking that dream vacation, there are some things that travelers should keep in mind. Things that must be taken into reflected upon include the climate, when the peak season is, and when certain festivals and celebrations are held. Visitors who travel at the wrong time of year, or during the wrong season, could find their dream vacation turn into a nightmare.

Peru has a tropical climate – which implies it has a wet season and a dry season. Although there is always some cross-over time, the rainy season is commonly from November until April. Because there are different types of terrain within its borders, temperatures are more hard to pinpoint. The best advice for the traveler is to check with reliable internet sites or the Peruvian Department of Tourism to get a better feel for the temperatures in particular areas.

Whether to go during the peak tourist season or not is strictly a matter of personal choice. Some vacationers love to get out and mingle with crowds, while others like the silence of a quieter setting. Vacationing during peak times will mean higher prices for flights and hotel rooms, but there will likely be many more things available to do. For those on a budget, visiting off-peak is definitely the best option, as it will mean lower priced hotels and lower travel costs.

Another consideration is what the vacationer expects to do while in Peru. There are several national celebrations that can make the stay a week-long celebration. The most imposing of these are held in January, June, July, and September. If a party atmosphere is not what the traveler has in mind, but instead a more personal stay with the opportunity to get to know the natives and local lifestyles, he or she may choose to visit Ollantaytambo, Vicos, or Iquitos, well away the traditional tourist pathways. These are quaint villages with few amenities, but offer visitors a chance to see how some of the native clans endure to this day.

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