Planning Your Austin Itinerary

If you are thinking about taking a holiday and enjoy the outdoors, a great destination would be Austin Texas. Austin is home to many outdoor recreational activities including parks, campgrounds, and many types of outdoor amusement. If you decide to visit Austin Texas check out Mount Bonnell, a location in Covert Park one of the many parks located in Austin Texas.

Mount Bonnell has some of the coolest views from anywhere in the city. You have to scale over 100 stone steps to reach the top of the mountain, once there you will be 785 feet in the air and will have views of the Colorado River and Hill country. This is a must-see attraction, so make sure to visit the spectacular views if you are around Austin area. One of the best times to visit Austin is in the month of May; during this time temperatures are not cold and have not reached the summer heat. Austin is acclaimed for their many events and festivals during the month of May. You will want to enjoy the Pecan Street Festival, a huge art festival and brings in close to 300,000 people each year. You can see many different types of artists, and enjoy a unique food and live bands. Also make sure to check out the Austin Wine Festival, located in a ritzy complex in North Austin.

There many different types of food and wine products, and of course you just can't pass on the wine tasting. Another festival celebrated in Texas is Fiesta Amistad, a tradition every since 1970 and includes a car show, lots of things to do for the children, and some great Mexican food.

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