Attractions & Adventures of Peru

The amount of tourists visiting Peru in the past several years has increased to the point to where it is now the most visited country in South America. There’s a good reason for this: Peru has a diverse cultural history, a widely varied topography, and the Pacific Ocean, Andes Mountains, and Amazon jungle among its many components. Tourists can come to observe the ruins of ancient civilizations, tour the modern wonders of the country today, engage in a wide variety of challenging adventures up the mountains, down into the canyons, or deep into the jungle. With the mountains, Lake Titicaca, the desert plains, and the jungle, the terrain shifts here as often as the elevation, which ranges from sea level to over 18,000 feet.

One of the largest draws to Peru, obviously, is the ancient ruins scattered about the country. Tourists gather from around the world to see the remains of civilizations from as far back as 400 AD, the Incan influences on the country, and the European influences on the Incans. Some of the towns in northern Peru stand almost tantamount as they did when they were built. Other structures have crumbled and decayed, but still furnish dazzling views of pre-Columbian and Incan civilizations, including Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and the Nazca lines.

Another cardinal attraction for tourists is also the wide variety of amazing ecosystems, alive today and untouched by humans, and the many natural wonders the country holds. Guests travel through the Andes Mountains, into the Amazon jungle, down into the depths of Colca Canyon, up to the waters of Lake Titicaca, and out to the Ballesta Islands. Each district holds a beauty unto itself, and the lush jungles provide a stark contrast to the arid desert plains, and all areas offer their own species of exotic foliage and animals.

Although not widely seen in the past as a sports adventure destination, Peru is now gaining notoriety in this area as well. Fitness fans can hike the up the Incan Road or the down the Colca Canyon. Climbers are challenged by thin air and snow-covered surfaces of the 18,000 foot high peaks in the Andes Mountains. Water-sports enthusiasts can discover wild white-water rafting inland, and great surfing on the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Peru seems to be almost the perfect vacation destination, regardless of what visitors choose to do together or individually.

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