Popular Hiking Trails in Texas

If you're planning on visiting Texas to enjoy their huge selection of hiking areas, check out Beavers Bend Resort Park. This park is actually located three hours from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in southeast Oklahoma. You will visit this area if you are a true nature lover, to walk along all the different ridges, and creek beds, and this area provides a great experience. There are so many different trails around the Texas area.

McCurtain County is home to some of the most pure areas in the United States. This is home to one of the oldest locations of pine trees in the entire world. This area boasts Life magazines Top 100 Places to Visit in Your Lifetime. This area is home to a wide variety of trails for all different skill levels. Some include steep climbs, while others include small hills or flatlands. The extreme hiking challenge is a 16 mile hike, and includes about 4 miles of mountain biking trails that go through creeks and past the tops of ridges. This trail branches off so you don't need to worry about encountering mountain bikes if you are hiking. These hiking areas are great place to go because there were home to Native Americans, and traveling through them will give you a taste of what It was like back in history. The trails can range from 1 mile to 16 miles and have a wide variety of options for the beginner and advanced hikers. Beavers Bend Resort Park has some great lodging options with great lake views, there are also cabins to be stayed in.

Make sure while in the area you go to the Inks Lake State Park and the Garner State Park. Each of these locations has some great scenery and versatile camping options.

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