Austin Fun and More

If you get a chance to visit Austin, Texas, you're in for a thrill. Austin, the state capitol, was once a undiscovered mecca but is becoming more and more popular as its reputation grows. Austin is becoming home to more and more well known musicians and recording studios. But beyond that, there's still a lot to see and enjoy in Austin.

For starters, get out and enjoy the nightlife. Downtown Austin has an unique collection of personalities, and is a lot of fun just to walk around. Obviously, music takes the forefront, but the city itself is charming. Walk down the street any night of the week and you're sure to hear music in almost every bar and night club along the way, with as big a variety of music styles as there are venues.

If music isn't your thing, head over to Esther's Follies, a live comedy club with a huge following. The theatre itself is a small building, but the place remains constantly packed. It's also gaining a national reputation, which makes going there even more exciting as more and more national acts play Esther's.

During the day, head over to Lake Travis, and spend your time resting. And since you're there anyway, stick around for sunset, an age old tradition in Austin. The top spot for viewing the sunset is a place called the Oasis, which sits on a hill above the lake with docks where you can sit and see the sun go down. Austin may not be the most metropolitan place you'll ever travel, but it's a great place to visit anyway.

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