San Antonio Destinations: Something for Everybody

San Antonio has an excellent range of activities to entertain everyone in the family, regardless of taste or pleasure. That's why you must make it at least a stop if not a spot to stay in your Texas vacation. No matter it's art, culture, music, food, theme parks, or entertainment, you will find it there.

For the family, go to Six Flags for a day of thrills and fun. This massive park is home to quite a few roller coasters, smaller children's and family rides, and plenty of spots to unwind and grab a bite to eat. If roller coasters aren't your thing, there also a lot of water parks in the region that provide refreshing water to splash in and a little less excitement. If neither of those are your cup of tea, there are also plenty of other state and city parks to visit.

Make sure you take the time to check out the Alamo while in San Antonio. This mission was the focal point for the war of Texas's independence, and just going there feels like you've stepped back in history. Despite the fact that the structure is small, its representation is a substantial part of American history.

One of the other excellent spots to hang out in San Antonio is the RIverwalk. This riverside attraction is lined with excellent restaurants, hotels, and shops, including the Hard Rock café. Be sure to stop in there for a meal or just to glance around. There are also boats that launch from Riverwalk that allow guests the chance to see the city's skyline from the water, producing a completely unique feel to the city.

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