Nicaraguan Recreation

A tropical wonderland like Nicaragua is an excellent place to visit and tour. From the beaches and the ocean, to the fruitful land and tropical jungles, all the way to the summits of the rugged volcanoes, the area is just bursting with opportunities to get out and investigate. Regardless of your preference - be it hiking, swimming, boating, or camping - you can pick your spot and pick your endeavor here in some locations that to this day remain largely uncharted.

Not surprisingly, hiking and nature tours are a huge draw for visitors. Tropical forests, jungles, historic towns, and even the coastline are all available to enjoy. On the uncommon side, there are dry riverbeds to stroll in and explore, barren land that used to be lush forests, and there's even a butterfly farm you can visit. Regardless of what you prefer to experience, or the type of terrain you wish to hike, or the amount of adventure you want to take on, Nicaragua is your destination.

Because the country sits on the Pacific Ocean, water sports and activities are extensive here also. Sunbathing, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving are huge magnets for beach lovers. The pure volcanic lakes hold crystal clear water that not only makes for unparalleled swimming but also includes the isolation and tranquility you may wish for, also. And if you're a surfer, well... you've found Nirvana. Nicaragua is home to some of the best surfing spots on the Pacific and can accommodate surfers of all abilities.

There's also camping and climbing. The many volcanoes in Nicaragua make for superb mountain climbing experiences, with the added opportunity to camp there also. Set up camp at the base of a volcano the evening before, pack up in the morning, and head for the summit. If you're fortunate, you've chosen to climb a volcano that has a crater lake waiting at the top, so your difficult work can pay off with a refreshing swim. Of course, if you don't want to go camping and climbing, you can always pitch a tent right on the beach, and wake up to the ocean waves and soothing breeze.

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