If you've scheduled a excursion to Nicaragua, or are considering a vacation there, you might be wondering what their cuisine tastes like. In any case, we all are acquainted with areas in the world where the cuisine seems scary if not downright disgusting. You can't just take 14 days worth of microwave dinners and throw them on the plane. So what's it similar to? Here's a short overview of the ... (Read More)

Having just been through a recent upheaval and the dismissal of a wildly hated rule, Nicaragua is at the present time creating a renewed upheaval. A nation having only 20 years of democracy below its belt, Nicaraguans are learning that corruption and greed can penetrate democratic nations as well as dictatorships, and they are starting to protest about it. After helping defeat the Sandinistas in free elections in 1991, the U.S. ... (Read More)

Arts, anthropology, animals, and aerospace, all in one city? Where, you ask? Houston, Texas, is the answer. And it's all here for you to see and visit. NASA Space Center is probably one of the most popular tourist draws in the Houston area. With its halls of space history and cache of capsules and space suits worn by the astronauts, it is certainly a great attraction. On top of that, Johnson ... (Read More)

Driving in Nicaragua is an extremely dissimilar occurrence versus traveling in the US, and tourists and travelers should understand that previous to traveling along the Nicaraguan countryside. As a general rule, there are just a few paved roads, mostly major highways, and yet those are in bad condition. Secondary roads, if you can even consider them as that, are not paved and rough, containing potholes and obstructions, unlit, and have ... (Read More)

Despite the fact that Austin, Texas is excellent to visit any time of year, the month of May holds some extra unique events that you really should experience if you get the chance. These events continue to grow in size and popularity each year. No matter if you enjoy art, wine, or just a festive atmosphere in general, make plans to be in Austin throughout the month. The Pecan Street Festival ... (Read More)

One of the most fashionable spots for visitors to go when they travel to Nicaragua is the town of Granada. This small colonial township is a glimpse into history and what the area appeared as after Europeans occupied the region. The city contains historic construction put up all through the Spanish settlement and is nevertheless captivating to look upon. The town has maintained its old world identity throughout the years. ... (Read More)


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