The greatest surfing in the Western hemisphere is in the Pacific Ocean. In addition quite a few places in the U.S. claim to enjoy the best waves. Save your verdict until you've been to Nicaragua and surfed its shores. Not only will you find some of the finest waves on the Pacific here, you'll also get to enjoy the impressive scenery that goes with them. Many places that claim to ... (Read More)

Not many individuals place Granada at the top of their list for a family vacation, but they should. This town is scenic and diverse, meaning there's always something for every family member to experience. The charming colonial town provides a rich history and fantastic learning experience for the children. Tourism hasn't overrun this town yet, so the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. You may tour the city on foot or ... (Read More)

If you've organized a journey to Nicaragua, or are considering a vacation there, you may be curious as to what their food tastes like. In any case, we all know of spots in the world where the food appears scary if not undeniably appalling. You can't just take 14 days worth of microwave meals and toss them on the plane. So what's it like? Here's a short overview of the ... (Read More)

One of the most fashionable locations for tourists to journey when they travel to Nicaragua is the town of Granada. This little colonial township is a peak into history and what the land looked like after Europeans conquered the region. The town is surrounded by historic construction constructed at some stage in the Spanish occupation and is still captivating to visit. The town has maintained its charming identity through the ... (Read More)

Nicaragua is positioned in Central America, and encompasses a big part of it. It's edges extend from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, north is Honduras, and south is Costa Rica. The country's landscape is really diverse, from volcanoes, plains and lakes on the Pacific side to tropical jungles on the Caribbean side. The northern portion is mountainous, providing rich soil and perfect growing temperatures for coffee and tobacco. Five ... (Read More)

Spain entered Nicaragua in the 1500's and swiftly founded it as a colony. The inhabitants of the nation swiftly became decimated due to disease, deportation, and slavery by the Spaniards. Granada was founded as the colonial head of the nation, and was one of the beginning communities constructed in the Americas by the Europeans. Nicaragua remained a city state of Spain until 1821, at what time it stated its independence. Britain ... (Read More)


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