If you're going to Austin, don't overlook the beautiful parks in the area for splendor, solitude, and quiet. Although the city has a substantial variety of entertainment and shopping complexes, the parks offer an exceptional change of pace without having to leave the area. There are three distinctive places nearby worth a glimpse, even if it's a quick one. Zilker Park is the first place to see. This charming park resting ... (Read More)

A trip to the culturally diverse metropolis of Austin helps make any vacation to Texas worthwhile. Austin is a growing metropolis with a small-town charm, and a population as varied as any in the state. Austin has developed in current years due its thriving enterprise friendly atmosphere, bringing in high-tech jobs and employees as well. Add to that its base as a music haven, arts community, and social variety, and ... (Read More)

Although Austin, Texas is excellent to go to any time of year, the month of May retains many extra exclusive events that you should experience if you get the possibility. These events proceed to grow in size and popularity each year. Regardless of whether you like art, wine, or just a festive environment in general, make plans to be in Austin throughout the month. The Pecan Street Festival has expanded over ... (Read More)

Nicaragua is located in Central America and is the biggest country in the region. It crosses from shoreline to shoreline, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. It is bounded on the north by Costa Rica and on the south by the Honduras. A country that is scattered with volcanoes and lakes, Nicaragua is home to one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the world -- Lake Nicaragua. ... (Read More)

Several individuals argue that Nicaragua today is what Costa Rica looked similar to 30 years ago. Underdeveloped infrastructure and not very many traveler services, however none of the hordes of people either. Also, Nicaraguans are not weary of hosting tourists so far, and still welcome them sincerely. Comparatively, cities like Ometepe, Nicaragua are closer to what Costa Rica resembled 70 years ago. There are few up-to-date features such as cars ... (Read More)

Nicaraguan healthcare is not up to par with North American or European facilities. Managua is probably the only area that can treat emergency medical cases. Many towns have doctors and essential care, however if an emergency arises, patients must be transported to the capital. There are big hospitals in every major city in the country. Once an emergency happens, the patient is to get to the closest facility that ... (Read More)


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