As a vacation spot, Nicaragua continues to be a rather unfamiliar to tourists, and this has developed a wonderful occasion for environmentalists and nature fans to explore the country freely minus the effect of masses of travelers. The golden-white beaches of the Caribbean Ocean in the East and the gold sand beaches of the Pacific Ocean in the West, the unspoiled forests and tropical jungles that remain untouched, and the ... (Read More)

Having just been through a new revolution and the dismissal of a widely disliked rule, Nicaragua is now again starting a new upheaval. A country with only 20 years of democracy below its belt, Nicaraguans are realizing that exploitation and greed can penetrate democratic nations along with tyrannies, and they are beginning to protest about it. After helping overthrow the Sandinistas in free elections in 1991, the U.S. was on sound ... (Read More)

Traveling in Nicaragua is an extremely different experience than driving across the US, and travelers and tourists should understand that before traveling along the Nicaraguan countryside. As a general law, there are only a few paved roads, primarily key highways, and even those are in bad condition. Secondary roads, if you can even consider them as that, are unpaved and uneven, filled with potholes and obstructions, unlit, and have no ... (Read More)

Nicaraguan medicine is not up to standard with North American or European facilities. Managua is about the only place that is able to handle emergency medical cases. Many towns have doctors and basic services, but if an emergency occurs, patients must be transported to the capital. There are big hospitals in every major region in the country. As soon as an emergency happens, the patient is to go to ... (Read More)

Several individuals argue that Nicaragua today is what Costa Rica looked like 30 years ago. Underdeveloped infrastructure and few tourist amenities, but none of the huge crowds either. Likewise, Nicaraguans are not weary of hosting tourists so far, and still welcome them sincerely. Comparatively, townships like Ometepe, Nicaragua are more like what Costa Rica resembled seven decades back. There are limited modern amenities such as vehicles or machines, pant and ... (Read More)

Nicaragua is situated in Central America and is the biggest nation in the region. It crosses from coastline to coastline, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered on the north by Costa Rica and on the south by the Honduras. A nation that is scattered with volcanoes and lakes, Nicaragua is home to one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the world -- Lake Nicaragua. ... (Read More)


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