Several individuals claim that Nicaragua now is what Costa Rica looked like 30 years ago. Underdeveloped infrastructure and a small number of vacationer services, however without the large masses either. Furthermore, Nicaraguans are not tired of seeing vacationers so far, and even receive them sincerely. Comparatively, cities such as Ometepe, Nicaragua are more like what Costa Rica looked like 70 years ago. There are not many modern features like cars ... (Read More)

Nicaragua is situated in Central America and is the biggest nation in the region. It is a very diverse country, both ethnically and environmentally, providing sensational vacations. The land here varies from flatlands to rugged volcanic peaks and everything in between, including tropical rain forests and jungles. The two longest rivers in the region, the Rio Coco and the Rio San Juan, are also the northern and southern borders of ... (Read More)

When visitors come to Peru, few of them take the time to see some of the oldest and most well-preserved ancient ruins existing in the western hemisphere. Similar to its better-known tourist sites like Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, areas like the Sun and Moon Temples and the Valley of the Pyramids, these pre-Incan wonders located in northern Peru are just as unreal and mysterious, but don’t get nearly ... (Read More)

If you’re considering vacationing in incredible Peru but don’t want to go where everyone else goes and see what everyone else sees, don’t worry – there are still plenty of things to do and see. Even if you don’t want to travel to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca or the Andes Mountains, you can still see sites just as remarkable and do things that are just as much fun. We’ve taken ... (Read More)

If you've organized a excursion to Nicaragua, or are considering a vacation there, you might be wondering what their food tastes like. After all, we all are acquainted with places in the world where the food seems alarming if not undeniably appalling. You can't just collect 14 days worth of microwave suppers and throw them on the airplane. So what's it close to? Here's a short summary of the cuisines ... (Read More)

Driving in Nicaragua is an exceedingly different occurrence than traveling in the US, and tourists and travelers need to be aware of that previous to traveling along the Nicaraguan countryside. As a common law, there are only a small number paved roads, mostly key highways, and yet those are in bad shape. Secondary roads, if you can even call them as that, are unpaved and rough, filled with potholes and ... (Read More)


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