Nicaragua is located in Central America and is the largest nation in the area. It crosses from coast to coast, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. It is surrounded on the north by Costa Rica and on the south by the Honduras. A nation that is scattered with volcanoes and lakes, Nicaragua is home to one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world -- Lake Nicaragua. ... (Read More)

Although Austin, Texas is excellent to check out any time of year, the month of May holds many extra unique activities that you really should experience if you get the chance. These events proceed to grow in size and popularity each and every year. Regardless of whether you enjoy art, wine, or just a festive environment in general, make plans to be in Austin throughout the month. The Pecan Street Festival ... (Read More)

A vacation to the culturally diverse metropolis of Austin helps make any trip to Texas worthwhile. Austin is a developing metropolis with a small-town charm, and a population as varied as any in the state. Austin has grown in current years because of its thriving enterprise friendly setting, bringing in high-tech jobs and workers as well. Add to that its base as a music haven, arts community, and social variety, ... (Read More)

If you're going to Austin, don't overlook the attractive parks in the region for splendor, solitude, and quiet. Despite the fact that the city has a huge selection of entertainment and shopping complexes, the parks offer a fantastic change of pace without having to leave the region. There are three special places close by worth a glance, even if it's a brief one. Zilker Park is the first place to stop. ... (Read More)

Houston is Texas's biggest metropolitan area. With its population of over 2 million people, assortment of corporate headquarters, and busy urban way of life, it may be difficult to think about at first that there would be much for a traveler to do in Houston. That would be incorrect. Even with its contemporary outward appearance, Houston is an entertainment mecca for the whole family. One of the greatest attractions for vacationers ... (Read More)

Aside from the wide assortment of things to do and see in Houston, there are various special events and festivals that happen over the course of the year that are worth seeing if you get the opportunity. Better yet, choose a few of your favorites and plan a trip or vacation around them for an unforgettable time. From music to food to nostalgia, Houston has it all. There are lots of ... (Read More)


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