There is absolutely no scarcity of things to do and see while you're in Texas. You can have excitement by spending either a good deal of money or a little, depending on your style. Listing the things to do throughout the whole state would fill an encyclopedia, so here are just a couple of the many things you can take in while you're there. One of the greatest water parks in ... (Read More)

For a soothing tour through the state of Texas, why not take a train? Trains are a fantastic way to loosen up and let somebody else deliver you to your destination without the trouble of flying. Plus, you can take in the wide variety of scenery as you travel across the state, something practically impossible to do by car or airplane. There are two unique trains that operate in Texas ... (Read More)

Texas is a very large state, and as such, has a wide — if not complete — assortment of topography. From rugged mountains to beaches and almost everything in between, you can come across it in Texas, including the attractive "hill country." The green rolling hills in the middle part of the state don't instantly come to mind when you think about Texas, but the region surely deserves some attention ... (Read More)

Birdwatchers will travel almost any place in the world they can manage to see different varieties of birds. The thrill of viewing an uncommon bird is what moves them to do what they do. And one fantastic spot to bird-watch and see lots of varieties and breeds is Galveston, Texas. Galveston Island is a central assembly point for birds flying both north and south. For the northern migratory birds, it is ... (Read More)

Golfers on holiday really like absolutely nothing more than to have a selection of courses available to them within arm's reach. Playing diverse courses in a different part of the country gives golfers both bragging rights and discussion when it comes to comparing courses with their pals and acquaintances. Frisco, Texas, just next door to Dallas, is home to such a selection of courses, many quite impressive. A stay in ... (Read More)

Not to be ignored when planning a trip to Texas is its hundreds of miles of shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of people don't think about Texas as a beach hot-spot, but there are a lot of natural beaches along its eastern side welcoming residents and tourists alike. Even if you don't spend a complete week here, plan on investing many days kicking back and discovering the ... (Read More)


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