Spain entered Nicaragua in the 1500's and rapidly founded it as a colony. The people of the country rapidly became devastated because of disease, deportation, and slavery by the Spaniards. Granada was founded as the colonial head of the country, and was one of the first colonies constructed in the Americas by the Europeans. Nicaragua continued as a colony of Spain until 1821, at what time it declared its independence. Britain ... (Read More)

If you've organized a journey to Nicaragua, or are considering a trip there, you may be wondering what their cuisine tastes like. In any case, we all are acquainted with corners of the world where the cuisine seems alarming if not downright sickening. You can't just pack up 14 days worth of microwave dinners and throw them on the plane. So what's it similar to? Here's a brief overview of ... (Read More)

Across the horizon of Nicaragua, you can see volcanoes peek up at frequent points along the way. The country has many volcanoes, some active, some dormant, but all impressive. Some are more accessible than others, and some are more scenic than others, but they are all monuments to Earth's violent core. Here are a couple of special interest you may want to see while in the country. San Cristobal is the ... (Read More)

Even though almost any time is a good time to visit the country of Nicaragua, for an extra-special experience, try to be there for one of the many holidays in the country. The cultural perspective on these celebrations by the locals is different from what you've come across elsewhere, and can be a lot of fun if you slow down and enjoy your stay there. Even traditional U.S. holidays like ... (Read More)

Nicaragua is located in Central America, and takes up a large part of it. It's borders span from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, north is Honduras, and south is Costa Rica. The country's landscape is really diverse, from volcanoes, plains and lakes on the Pacific side to tropical jungles on the Caribbean side. The northern portion is mountainous, providing rich soil and ideal growing temperatures for coffee and ... (Read More)

One of the most trendy locations for visitors to go when they go to Nicaragua is the town of Granada. This little colonial town is a look into the past and what the land appeared as after Europeans conquered the region. The city is surrounded by historic construction built all through the Spanish occupation and is nevertheless mesmerizing to see. The town has kept alive its charming individuality throughout the ... (Read More)


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