Driving in Nicaragua is an extremely different occurrence than driving in the US, and travelers and vacationers must realize that before hitting the Nicaraguan countryside. As a common rule, there are just a small number paved roads, mostly main highways, and still those are in poor condition. Secondary roads, if you can even think of them as that, are unpaved and rutted, containing potholes and hazards, not lighted, and have ... (Read More)

Arts, anthropology, animals, and aerospace, all in one location? Where, you ask? Houston, Texas, is the place. And it's all available for you to see and visit. NASA Space Center is probably one of the biggest tourist draws in the Houston area. With its halls of space history and cache of capsules and space suits worn by the astronauts, it is certainly a great attraction. On top of that, Johnson Space ... (Read More)

Having just been through a new uprising and the removal of a widely disliked government, Nicaragua is currently starting a fresh upheaval. A country with only 20 years of democracy below its belt, Nicaraguans are discovering that exploitation and greed can infiltrate democratic countries in addition to dictatorships, and they are starting to make noise concerning it. After helping defeat the Sandinistas in free elections in 1991, the U.S. was on ... (Read More)

If you've organized a journey to Nicaragua, or are considering a retreat there, you may be curious as to what their cuisine tastes like. In spite of everything, we all are acquainted with spots in the world where the cuisine sounds alarming if not absolutely disgusting. You can't just pack up 14 days worth of microwave dinners and toss them on the plane. So what's it like? Here's a short ... (Read More)


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