Houston is Texas's largest metropolitan region. With its population of over 2 million people, assortment of corporate headquarters, and bustling urban lifestyle, it may be tough to imagine at first that there would be much for a tourist to do in Houston. That would be wrong. Even with its contemporary outward appearance, Houston is an entertainment mecca for the whole family. One of the biggest draws for vacationers in the Houston ... (Read More)

If you're going to Austin, don't forget about the gorgeous parks in the area for beauty, solitude, and quiet. Although the city has a large variety of entertainment and shopping complexes, the parks offer an exceptional change of pace without having to leave the area. There are three unique places close by worth a glimpse, even if it's a brief one. Zilker Park is the first place to visit. This charming ... (Read More)

A trip to the culturally diverse city of Austin helps make any getaway to Texas worthwhile. Austin is a rising city with a small-town appeal, and a population as diverse as any in the state. Austin has developed in current years because of its thriving enterprise friendly atmosphere, bringing in high-tech careers and employees as well. Add to that its base as a music hot spot, arts community, and social ... (Read More)

Despite the fact that Austin, Texas is wonderful to go to any time of year, the month of May holds many extra unique events that you really should check out if you get the opportunity. These events continue to develop in size and popularity every single year. No matter if you like art, wine, or just a festive ambiance in general, make travel plans to be in Austin throughout the ... (Read More)


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