Even though most any time is a suitable time to visit the country of Nicaragua, for an extra-special touch, try to be there for one of the many holidays in the country. The cultural perspective on these festivities by the locals is different from what you've come across elsewhere, and can be a lot of fun if you slow down and really appreciate your experience there. Even traditional U.S. holidays ... (Read More)

Across the horizon of Nicaragua, you can see volcanoes peek up at many points along the way. The country has quite a few volcanoes, some active, some dormant, but all spectacular. Some are more easily reached than others, and some are more striking than others, but they are all testaments to Earth's violent core. Here are two of special interest you may want to examine while in the country. San Cristobal ... (Read More)

If you've considered a trip to Nicaragua, or are thinking of a retreat there, you might be wondering what their cuisine tastes like. After all, we all are acquainted with places in the world where the cuisine looks daunting if not positively disgusting. You can't just collect 14 days worth of microwave dinners and toss them on the aircraft. So what's it like? Here's a concise summary of the cuisines ... (Read More)

Spain entered Nicaragua in the 1500's and rapidly founded it as a colony. The people of the country rapidly became decimated due to disease, deportation, and slavery by the Spaniards. Granada was founded as the colonial head of the country, and was one of the first settlements developed in the Americas by the Europeans. Nicaragua remained a city state of Spain until 1821, at what time it declared its freedom. Britain ... (Read More)

As a destination, Nicaragua remains a rather unfamiliar to vacationers, and this has developed a great opportunity for environmentalists and nature lovers to explore the wilderness easily without the effect of hordes of travelers. The golden-white beaches of the Caribbean Ocean in the East and the gold sand beaches of the Pacific Ocean in the West, the pristine forests and tropical jungles that remain untouched, and the robust attraction of ... (Read More)

Nicaragua was, at one time, one of the leading regions in the world for growing and exporting quality coffee beans. Unfortunately, political turmoil in the late 1970's forced many growers out of business, or sent them fleeing to other countries. The coffee industry is starting to make a comeback here, however, and coffee lovers are benefiting in many ways. With a few exceptions, Nicaraguan coffee is blended for balanced taste. ... (Read More)


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