With the exorbitant cost of foods and fuel these days, many people thinking about retirement are being forced to think again. One of the options gaining favor among the retirement crowd is investing in real estate in Nicaragua. It may seem like an unusual move at first, but with more analysis, it makes sense. Nicaragua is not in a state of turmoil now as it was in the past. It has ... (Read More)

Investing in land in Nicaragua may not be quite as lucrative as it used to be, but can still be a huge bargain, especially if you decide to eventually move there to live. The country of Nicaragua is beautiful, with its tropical climate, alluring beaches, historic colonial cities, and lofty mountains and volcanoes. Tourism is alive and well in the region, crime is low, and flights to and from the ... (Read More)

Creole and Garifuna values had been present in Nicaragua long before the Europeans landed. Once the Spaniards arrived, however, the beliefs began to combine and so did their foods. As a result, the food of Nicaragua is unique in flavor and preparation, and surely delightful. By some norms, the foods of Nicaragua are strange if not inedible. Turtle eggs and snake meat is typical on their menu. Also, when it comes ... (Read More)

Having just been effected by a fresh revolution and the dismissal of a wildly unpopular rule, Nicaragua is at the present time beginning a fresh upheaval. A country having only 20 years of democracy under its belt, Nicaraguans are realizing that corruption and greed can break into democratic countries along with tyrannies, and they are beginning to protest concerning it. After helping defeat the Sandinistas in free elections in 1991, the ... (Read More)

Nicaraguan healthcare is not up to standard with North American or European facilities. Managua is probably the only place that can handle emergency medical cases. Many towns have clinics and basic care, but if an emergency occurs, patients must be moved to the capital. There are large hospitals in every major city in the country. Once an emergency arises, the patient is to get to the closest facility that ... (Read More)

Traveling in Nicaragua is an exceedingly different experience versus driving in the US, and travelers and vacationers should be aware of that before hitting the Nicaraguan countryside. As a general law, there are just a small number paved roads, mainly main highways, and even those are not in good condition. Secondary roads, if you can even consider them as that, are not paved and rough, filled with potholes and hindrances, ... (Read More)


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