Golfers on holiday really like nothing more than to have a selection of courses available to them within arm's reach. Playing various courses in a different part of the country offers golfers both bragging rights and conversation when it comes to comparing courses with their buddies and acquaintances. Frisco, Texas, just outside of Dallas, is home to such a selection of courses, many quite impressive. A stay in the region ... (Read More)

Nicaraguan healthcare is not up to par with North American or European facilities. Managua is about the only area that can handle emergency medical cases. Many towns have clinics and basic services, but if an emergency arises, patients must be moved to the capital. There are large hospitals in every major region in the country. Once an emergency arises, the patient is to get to the closest facility that ... (Read More)

Having just been effected by a recent uprising and the removal of a wildly disliked government, Nicaragua is currently starting a renewed upheaval. A nation having only 20 years of democracy under its belt, Nicaraguans are learning that corruption and greed can penetrate democratic nations in addition to dictatorships, and they are starting to protest regarding it. After helping defeat the Sandinistas in open elections in 1991, the U.S. was on ... (Read More)

As a destination, Nicaragua continues to be a rather unknown to travelers, and this has created a perfect opportunity for ecologists and wildlife fans to discover the wilderness freely minus the impact of crowds of travelers. The golden-white beaches of the Caribbean Ocean in the East and the gold sand beaches of the Pacific Ocean in the West, the pristine forests and tropical jungles that remain untouched, and the robust ... (Read More)

Spain invaded Nicaragua in the 1500's and swiftly established it as a settlement. The people of the country swiftly became decimated due to disease, deportation, and slavery by the Spaniards. Granada was established as the colonial head of the country, and was one of the beginning settlements developed in the Americas by the Europeans. Nicaragua remained a city state of Spain until 1821, when it pronounced its freedom. Britain still controlled ... (Read More)

If you've organized a excursion to Nicaragua, or are contemplating a trip there, you may be curious as to what their food tastes like. In any case, we all are familiar with areas in the world where the food seems daunting if not absolutely sickening. You can't just collect 14 days worth of microwave meals and toss them on the airplane. So what's it similar to? Here's a short summary ... (Read More)


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