Of all your possible destinations when visiting Texas, San Antonio really should be at the top of the list. San Antonio is one of the most common choices for families on vacation heading to Texas, and it's no question why. The variety and assortment of things to do can effortlessly entertain each member of the family. First off, there's the Alamo; the story we all learned in school. This needs to ... (Read More)

San Antonio isn't the initial place many people think of when they plan a vacation to Texas, but it should be. San Antonio is an expanding city in the South of Texas that has managed to preserve its historic past in the process. The area around the city is full of stuff to do and see, and is a little out of the way from the crowds of some of ... (Read More)

Not to be overlooked when planning a holiday to Texas is its hundreds of miles of sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Several folks don't consider Texas as a beach hot-spot, but there are tons of untarnished beaches along its eastern side greeting residents and vacationers alike. Even if you don't commit a complete week here, plan on spending many days kicking back and discovering the shore line. There ... (Read More)

Golfers on holiday love nothing more than to have a assortment of courses available to them within arm's reach. Playing various courses in a different part of the country gives golfers both bragging rights and discussion when it comes to comparing courses with their pals and acquaintances. Frisco, Texas, just next door to Dallas, is home to such a assortment of courses, many quite notable. A stay in the region ... (Read More)

Of all the many attractions that Houston has to offer, none seem to be more well known than the Johnson Space Center. This facility is not only home to NASA's command and control center, also the space shuttle program, but is also a fantastic collection of the history of space travel. The assortment of exhibits here usually finds something of interest for each member of the family, making it a ... (Read More)

Texas is a very big state, and as such, has an extensive — if not total — array of topography. From rugged mountains to beaches and almost everything in between, you can find it in Texas, including the attractive "hill country." The green rolling hills in the middle part of the state don't always come to mind when you think about Texas, but the area definitely deserves some attention for ... (Read More)


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