If you're thinking about a trip or vacation close to Dallas, there are a few points you must know prior to packing your bags. Understanding the history, style, and points of interest in the region will help you prepare for and enjoy your journey even more when you get there. Think about these things prior to finalizing any plans to the region. Dallas is the third largest metropolis in Texas behind ... (Read More)

Visiting Dallas will call for you to see some of the most-popular points of interest in the region. Some are recognized world-wide, some nationwide, and some statewide, however all hold a special place for each visitor to see and remember. If you are visiting Dallas for the first time, make sure all of these areas are on your "To Do" list. Probably the most famous of all vacationer points of ... (Read More)

Many visitors to the metropolis of Houston are familiar with the activities offered to the entire family. Visitors often come to visit Johnson Space Center, the Houston Zoo, and the Houston Aquarium. But aside from these famous attractions are some lesser known locations that are more than worth the time to visit. If you've been to Houston but not been to any of the spots on this list, you're missing ... (Read More)

When you visit Houston, you'll discover that there are plenty of things to do for the whole family right within the city. The zoo, aquarium, Johnson Space Center, and the arts, science, and cultural museums are all well liked. But for something unique and somewhat less well known, leave Houston and head west for some uncommon sights. If oddities are your thing, west Houston has a few points of interest that ... (Read More)

Aside from the broad selection of things to do and see in Houston, there are many special events and festivals that happen over the course of the year that are really worth viewing if you get the opportunity. Better yet, choose a few of your favs and plan a trip or vacation close to them for an unforgettable time. From music to food to fond memories, Houston has it all. There ... (Read More)

Houston is Texas's biggest metropolitan region. With its population of over 2 million people, assortment of corporate headquarters, and bustling urban lifestyle, it may be hard to imagine at first that there would be much for a vacationer to do in Houston. That would be incorrect. Despite its modern day outward appearance, Houston is an entertainment mecca for the whole family. One of the biggest draws for tourists in the Houston ... (Read More)


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