Where to Go in Austin, Texas

There are so many different great things to do in Austin Texas. Austin is the capital and received its name from Stephen Austin, who is known as the father of Texas.

Austin ranks number four for the largest city in Texas, and out of all 50 states Austin ranks number 15 for the most population. There are so many places to tour and things to do in Austin. People come from everywhere to see the convention center, The Congress Avenue Bridge, were during dusk you can see over 1 million bats fly out from under the bridge. While traveling through Texas check out Lexington, this town is located around 50 miles from Austin. This community is great if you're looking for a place to get away, that is calm and relaxing. There are also things to do their and good bed and breakfast lodging. You can check out some old cabins that have been around since the 1800s, and is also home to the top BBQ eatery in Texas. Make sure to check out Snow's BBQ, they have some great food.

There are some excellent antique shopping and Austin throughout many of the towns and the surrounding areas, make sure to look online to find all these niche antique stores. You never know what type of treasure you will find in the great state of Texas. There are also many lakes you can visit to water-ski or fish, or any other type of water recreation you're interested in.

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