Planning Your Houston Destinations

Houston is regarded number one out of all the cities in Texas for size. Houston ranks second for the state with the most Fortune 500 corporations, including Continental Airlines, Sysco, and Marathon Oil Corporation. There are many things to do in Houston and while vacationing you may want to check out the Houston Zoo or the Museum of Fine Arts. Texas has so many different areas of entertainment and fun attractions. You can find fun in Houston no matter what your age, from adults to children there is something to do for everybody.

The Johnson Space Center is a must tour destination, here you will find all types of knowledge and history. Another great location to visit in Houston is Galveston Island; there is so much to do there. They have many different locations for family fun and adventure this includes over 30 miles of beaches, and endless resort destinations. From here you can enjoy live entertainment and many different stores that offer unique items. One of the most awesome sites I can think of is a large aquarium that holds a half a million gallons of water.

There are thousands of fish housed inside the aquarium, and it is an awesome site. Make sure to go to the Houston Zoo, which is been in existence since 1922. You can see many different types of animals, including exotic animals not known to the state of Texas. In 1924 the Houston Museum of Fine Arts was opened, this museum is home to many acres of gardens and is one of the biggest museums located within the US. There are over 2 1/2 million visitors that come to tour the museum each year.

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