See the Volcanoes of Nicaragua

Across the horizon of Nicaragua, you can see volcanoes peek up at frequent locations along the way. The country has quite a few volcanoes, some active, some dormant, but all magnificent. Some are more accessible than others, and some are more scenic than others, but they are all testaments to Earth's violent core. Here are two of special interest you may want to see while in the country.

San Cristobal is the highest volcano in the country, at just under 1750 meters. It is still active, and regularly billows gas and water vapor from its summit. It is possible to scale this volcano, but it is no easy task. The volcanic sand provides no traction, meaning you slide downhill one step for every two steps forward. The hike above the tree line is especially challenging. On a clear day, Honduras, El Salvador, and the Gulf of Fonseca are visible from the summit.

Consiguina also rests above the Gulf of Fonseca. At 850 meters, it is not high, but a good hike none-the-less. The last time this volcano erupted was in 1835, and the result was a huge crater that is now a lake. Panoramas from the top of this peak take in the Pacific Ocean, and it is possible to drive most of the way to the top before setting off on your hike.

It is possible to drive all the way to the summit of another active volcano, Masaya. There is even a parking lot with attendants. The air is sulfur-laden and thick, but not so overwhelming that you can't look past the rim and into the crater. As you drive up, you will see huge lava flows along both sides of the roadway. It is possible to walk to a few other craters at the top if you so desire, but this is by far the most accessible volcano around.

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