Traveling to Cusco

Cusco is a heavily visited tourist area due to its proximity to a variety of ancient architectural wonders, including Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and Sun City. But there are more things to do in the area than just visit these ancient ruins, and if you stay for more than a day you can enjoy many of them. Make sure you see the popular sites, but also stay a while longer and see what else Cusco has to offer.

Sightseeing is a wonderful opportunity in Cusco, even if you leave out the most famous attractions. Since it was once the center of the Incan civilization, their influence can still be seen everywhere. Also, the natural beauty of the area is outstanding and incredibly picturesque. The city of Cusco is quaint, with streets made of cobblestone, and lined with centuries-old churches and museums.

Visitors to Cusco will enjoy a different type of shopping experience. The city itself has no large stores or boutiques, but a mile outside of the city is a village called Pisac. They have set up this area to be a marketplace catering to tourists and locals alike. You will find no designer clothing here, but you will find some of the country’s premium handbags, jewelry, and rugs decorated by hand.

Finding a place to eat in Cusco is not a problem. There are many great local eateries and tourist-accommodating food outlets to keep your stomach full and happy. Take the time and make the effort to experience some of the local cuisine while there. You will not be disappointed. As for nightlife, the city has altered to the desires of its tourism industry and started featuring live local bands at night in some of the bars. There are also disco clubs in the city playing more modern, dance music.

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