Houston Texas Style

Where can you find arts, anthropology, animals, and aerospace, all in one city? Houston, Texas, is the answer. And it's all here for you to see and visit.

NASA's Space Center is probably one of the largest tourist draws to the Houston area. With its halls of space history and cache of capsules and space suits used by the astronauts, it is certainly a great attraction. On top of that, Johnson Space Center has plenty of hands-on activities for the children.

The attraction doesn't stop at the Space Center, however; it is just beginning. Check out the Museum of Natural History for something different. It's an unusual place that not many will ever get to tour. Walk through the interesting exhibits and see the ancient civilizations of the western hemisphere.

Since we're on the topic of natural history, how about some living natural history? The Houston Zoo and Downtown Aquarium are great attractions for people of all ages, but especially those with children. With a variety of displays and creatures, there are things for the whole family to see and do at the zoo. At the aquarium you can check out the swamps, shipwrecks, and sharks.

There's much more to do in Houston, as well - history, art, and plenty more fun. Make the most of your time in Houston.

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