Planning a Texas Getaway

Texas is a huge state, with many different options and historical areas for both the outdoor enthusiast, and the entertainment and shopping lover. If you're bringing the family along and have children you may be wondering how you will entertain them throughout the vacation. If you visit San Antonio you can rest assured you will not be lacking for things to do for both you and the kids. San Antonio is considered one of the most popular destinations for vacations and all of Texas, home to rich cultural entertainment and shopping destinations. While there check out the Alamo, a historical mission were a battle was fought for the independence of Texas.

After visiting the Alamo take a stroll under the streets to the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is a peaceful cobblestone path that takes you throughout the city and along many different shops and attractions. There are many specialty restaurants that offer great food, and also Mexican restaurants with a wonderful selection and cultural atmosphere. Make sure while in San Antonio you visit the Tower of the Americas; an attraction finished in 1969. If you're visiting you can take a trip to the top of the tower where there is a restaurant located within the observatory -- what a great place to dine while you view the city. There is also a movie theater on the ground floor that screens a tour of Texas in a simulated helicopter. Visit Six Flags to take some thrilling rides, and enjoy the Texas themed entertainment. There also many water parks throughout the area to take the kids for rides on the water slides and tubes.

Make sure before you visit San Antonio you check online to see everything it has to offer. You'll want to do this in order to make sure that during your visit you choose the entertainment that is perfect for you. There is so much to do in San Antonio you most likely will not have time to do it all, so make the choices to fit your schedule. You're going to want to make sure you visit downtown San Antonio to see the Alamo and enjoy everything the Riverwalk has to offer. There are also hotels located downtown to keep you near to the area, entertainment, and attractions.

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