Watersports of Peru: Kitesurfing on Your Next Vacation

The country of Peru is known for many of its opportunities, from the Andes Mountains to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, but did you also know that it is now become a haven spot for kitesurfers? The city of Mancora, just north of Lima, is becoming a haven for kiteboarding fan. Located on the Pacific Ocean, Peru offers a fantastic respite from the heat and provides the temperature changes needed to create perfect ocean winds during the rainy season.

Americans traveling to Peru do not face the difficulties experienced in other South American countries. There is no required price for entry into the country, and no extensive paperwork to fill out for a visa. Flights to Lima from Miami are very cheap.

The town of Mancora is a very amiable, welcoming village with a rich culture. Residents are more than happy to point out the best places to eat or grab a cup of coffee. The Northern part of Peru is becoming famous for its food and windsurfing conditions. There is always a strong wind somewhere along the coast within 30 minutes of Mancora, making it the ideal central spot for kiteboarders.

For beginners, kite surfing lessons are available in Mancora. For the more experienced rider, there are safaris nearly every day leaving from the city. Kiteboarding lessons here are cheaper than almost anywhere else in the world. There are safaris that depart from the city, daily, or surfers can head out on their own. During the night, Mancora has fantastic restaurants and entertainment to keep the tourist contented. A kiteboarding vacation in Mancora, Peru, is almost impossible to beat.

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