What You Can Expect at Johnson Space Center

Of all the several points of interest that Houston has to offer you, none appear to be more popular than the Johnson Space Center. This facility is not only home to NASA's command and control center, also the space shuttle program, but is also a great collection of the history of space travel. The selection of exhibits here always finds something of interest for every single member of the family, making it a great vacation hotspot.

Johnson Space Center is open every day of the year except selected holidays. In the summer and on holidays when they stay open, the hours are extended. There are special events that happen all year long at the center, so if you're planning to go at a specific time, it may be a good idea to verify ahead and see if one day may be better than another if your schedule is flexible. The center is situated 25 miles from Houston.

There is an admission price to the space center, with children and seniors receiving price breaks. Several internet websites offer you discounted tickets to the center that you won't get at the main gate. Summer and the holidays are the busiest times for the Center, as are most weekends. For a more peaceful and leisurely visit of the facility, winter months and weekdays are by far your greatest bet for minimal crowds.

Once in, there is an almost endless array of activities to pick from. NASA Tour, the Astronaut Gallery, the Kids Space Place, and the Feel of Space exhibits are just a couple of those awaiting visitors. There is also a walking audio tour of the facility which supplies guests with a background of the space program, as told by former astronauts. You can send your family off in different directions, then connect at the Space Center Theatre for a display that you won't soon forget.

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