Popular San Antonio Attractions

San Antonio is a gorgeous city, with many different attractions, shopping, and entertainment options. You will see a diverse culture of Spanish, Native American, and wild West history. San Antonio is home to the Alamo, and while you're there exploring the Alamo check out the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk will take you past the cobblestone walkway, and you'll pass by many different shops and restaurants including the Hard Rock Café. The Alamo is a famous landmark and the place of the battle for Texas independence in 1836. San Antonio is considered the gateway to southern Texas and brings around 22 million visitors a year. While traveling down the Riverwalk you will find a building that looks as thin as a sheet of paper, but as you travel around the building you will see this is just an optical illusion.

San Antonio is also home to the Six Flags amusement park, and Sea World. San Antonio has something to offer for both children and adults, and is a great family vacation with something for all. It doesn't matter if you reside there or coming to visit, there are many activities in which you can engage in. They also offer an exciting nightlife for those who like to party. They offer excellent selection of shopping centers where you can find just about anything, including some unique items to take home as souvenirs. With a rich cultural history you will want to be certain you do your research to find everything San Antonio has to offer. San Antonio is home to the NBA team the Spurs, so you might can check out a game, it is definitely something you'll never forget.

San Antonio is also home to some nice water parks that are great for family fun, and keeping cool during the summer.

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