Best Attractions in the Big D

Going to Dallas will require you to see some of the most-popular attractions in the region. Some are recognized world-wide, some nationwide, and some statewide, but all maintain a special spot for each visitor to see and remember. If you are visiting Dallas for the first time, make sure all of these places are on your "To Do" list.

Almost certainly the most famous of all tourist attractions in Dallas is the Sixth Floor Museum and JFK Memorial. The museum is housed in what was once the Texas School Book Repository, the place from which President Kennedy was shot as he drove by in his motorcade. While in the same region, see the JFK Memorial for a real presence of the life and death of an American president.

The Frontiers of Flight Museum is an unusual place with entertainment for the whole family. The museum houses a variety of flying craft from throughout the history of flight, and consists of many actual airplanes and spacecraft. There are also interactive displays to keep the kids interest, as well as a variety of artifacts and displays.

The Galleria Mall is a high-end mega mall that includes all of the best retailers in the country. This mall is a frequent stop for celebrities, and it is not unusual to see a famous face while you stroll around. Even if you don't plan to spend any money, just hanging around this posh mall for an afternoon will make you feel rich, and you might even get an autograph or two.

You can't depart the city without seeing the new Dallas Cowboy's stadium. This contemporary behemoth stands as a statue to all things sports related, and upholds the status of "Everything is Bigger in Texas." Even if there's no event taking place at the time or you can't find the money for the tickets, tours of the complex are provided, and you must see the within to actually respect the vastness of this building.

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