Nature at Its Finest: Visit Texas State Parks

As summer comes, it's time to start thinking about your family vacation plans. With fuel prices rising and the price of just about everything going up, it's difficult to picture that you can still even find the money to go on vacation. But you can, and you can do it for a modest cost. Travel to a Texas state park.

State Parks offer variety to all sorts of adventurers. They can accommodate minimalist backpackers and campers and full-sized RV's as well. Stays at the park are affordable by comparability, and they can make a great alternative to using a pricy hotel room as your central site. If you really like to travel by RV, most parks have water and electrical hook-ups, and you can tow your car and leave the RV parked on your campsite.

Just like the legends suggest, even the state parks are larger in Texas. There are over 120 spread across the state. They are low-cost, a excellent way to spend time with the family, and all are beautiful and well- kept. If RV's aren't your idea of a good time, most state parks also have suites on-site in the form of lodges or cabins, once more much less expensive than a hotel and you get nature right out your front door.

If you're travelling with friends, think about combining state park stays and your RV with a tour in Texas wine country. Texas has some of the best vintners in the nation. It's possible to plan out your route to see many of them and sample their wines throughout the day and take pleasure in the outdoors throughout the evenings. Grape harvest season is in the fall, which adds yet another level of fun to the journey, but just stopping by the nearby wineries and tasting the fruits of Texas is enjoyable any time of year.

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